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For humans only.  For peace of mind.

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A Day To Remember

I took a look at my camera’s battery lights flickering, and quickly snapped a picture of the three minarets from the courtyard.

A Perilous Fall

I looked like a dead fish floating in the sky. And some people down below looked away in shame. I heard someone mutter "oh he's useless".

The Ideal

And I faked a smile to everyone. Pretending to be happy on the outside - but feeling utter misery on the inside. I was left out.

For Basketball

He took a couple of dribbles to his right, and launched a shot over my outstretched arms that hit nothing but the bottom of the net.


He came straight up to my window. And his eyes were wide and glazed with anger. He was unaware of the saliva dripping down his mouth.

A Beautiful Struggle

It was disheartening and discouraging, because I was struggling so mightily in something that used to come so naturally to me.

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