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For humans only.  For peace of mind.


Lulls At Work

There will always be imperfection wherever you go. Don’t get too enamored with the supposed perfect individual.

First World Country

We have all the tools at our disposal to live a healthy and happy life in the USA.


See the past as a blessing. All your experiences - good or bad - are for you to learn and grow into the individual you are today.


Know that you are not alone in your journey. That there are people out there that want you to succeed.

The Main Character

There are billions of people on this planet. Everyone is playing their own main role in their own little world.

Pat On The Back

Even minuscule progress is progress at the end of the day. So, it’s important to take baby steps when trying to fulfill a larger vision.

Under The Weather

It’s important that we cherish what we have every single day. Especially our mental and physical health.

All Figured Out

You can draw inspiration from everyone and anyone. You can see that everyone has something to offer of value.

The Mundane

When you are going out on a grand trip, think about all the tiny things that need to happen in order to make it a reality.

Against The Grain

Make your own decision. Don’t be afraid to make the inevitable mistakes. That’s what helps you learn for the future.

Words And Actions

Words are the trigger for everything. They are what make you move mountains.

Baby Steps

No need to reminisce about the past. Nor worry too much about the distant future. Just take it one step at a time.

Moving On

Look at this great, big, beautiful world full of possibilities and seize it while it comes.

Perfect Society

This society is not perfect by any stretch of the means. But, we all are out there trying our best.


We can see the goodness in life and use that as motivation to give back a little bit more.

Up And Down

When there is a peak, there will inevitably be a valley. That is the essence of life.

Happiness Under Duress

When we come under stress, that is the perfect moment to remind ourselves to practice and be grateful.

Silver Lining

Even through challenges. You can see the sun shining thru the clouds.

Suck It Up

Sometimes, periods of struggle can liven you up and make you a tougher person in life.

Taking The High Road

I will try to embrace everything with open arms. Because the challenges that come can help shape me into a better individual.


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