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The world is a scary place. There are robbers, rapists, thieves, and smugglers out there. If we’re not careful, we could get in a rut! We could be victims of these “bad” people.

Consuming the news has made us all aware of the horrors of human existence. The wars, the murders, the disease, the crisis after crisis. It’s made us all a bit fearful and pessimistic about the human condition - if we’re not careful.

But there is a lot to be grateful for about this world as well. There is a lot to be optimistic about. There is a lot to admire about. When I’m writing in my journal, I just think about all the great people that touched my lives throughout these years. The people that took care of me. Gave kind words to me. Invited me out to their home for a good old-fashioned BBQ. The people that I could hang out with. The people that I could chat with about struggles and challenges.

All those people, I appreciate. I appreciate their resilience. I appreciate their support and availability. I appreciate their candor. Their openness. Their humanity. I make a list of all the people that have touched me in some form or manner. The people that I have learned from. That make me into a better human being. I try to learn from them all. Be a sponge. Soak up the good materials.

And there’s quite a few of them. All of them are not perfect. They have their quirks and intricacies. But they have a lot to admire as well. Some have physical disabilities but continue to progress on in a optimistic and positive manner. Some are hard workers that get things done thru good and bad times. Some have a mindset that I admire, despite their obvious difficulties. It’s a plethora of people that I can draw from.

And I’m glad that these people are here in my life. That I can draw upon them for optimism and admiration thru dark times. That I can see them as a boon and as a positive influence in my life. I can see them for their flaws as well (and respect them for it). I can see everything about them that makes them who they are.

There are people in my Toastmasters group, my meditation group, my philosophy class, my Cornell crew, my elementary school group, and my immediate family - that I simply admire and adore. I am thankful that they have come into my life and gave me a sense of abundance in times of distress.

It’s important to have these types of people in your life. That you can draw upon to feel a sense of motivation and inspiration to get things done. To rise above the fracas and approach life with vigor and passion. To have their energy rub off on you and thus become a happier and more fulfilled individual.

I can see positives in all of them. I harken back to my memories and think about the times when they’ve led me to a good place in life. When they’ve done something that I respected. When I am thankful for their availability and presence. I am in awe of all the positives that I can draw from them.

It’s not something that only I can do. We can all find inspiration and admiration in our support group. In our network of friends and family. And we can draw from them during times of hardship. We can see the goodness in life and use that as motivation to give back a little bit more. To use your presence and gifts in a positive manner that can provide value wherever you go.

It’s an important part of life. To feel like there is a purpose that you can strive for within a community. One greater than yourself. That you are surrounded by people with like-minded instincts that you admire and cherish. And to realize that nobody is perfect. There will always be bumps and bruises along the way. But that common sense of humanity is what binds you together.

It’s what keeps us going. I admire so many people and their charisma and their charm and their tenacity. It is endless. It’s a testament to the beauty of life and the fact that so many people have their own unique stories to tell. Their own happiness and strife to go thru. Their own concerns, and their own bliss. It’s an inevitable intertwining of fate. One that should be cherished for all.

So, when life gets you down, take a step back and look at all the beautiful people around you. The ones that make a true difference in your life. The ones that make you smile. The ones that make you laugh. The ones that make you think and perceive. The ones that make your life fuller than it already is. These people are worth your time. They are worth your attention. They are worth your ability to give back to the community that’s turned you into the individual that you are today. And simply enjoy what is.

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