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Attention To Detail

I go to Flushing pretty often to run errands and work from my office. Flushing is a very cultural place filled with many Chinese immigrants. The place is loaded with Chinese restaurants of all types, and it has been my go-to spot to hang out with good friends over the years.

I’m also quite a language buff and enjoy learning different languages. I remember back when I was in China, I would immerse myself amongst the city streets – taking in the vast Chinese signs that they have posted outside electronic shops, and restaurants and hotels. As a result, my Chinese improved vastly while I was in China.

Flushing can be seen as a mini-China of sorts. There are similarly so many Chinese symbols posted in front of shops and bars and restaurants. If I pay attention enough, I could similarly try to immerse myself in the community and enhance my Chinese knowledge.

Sometimes, I fall short of doing that. I guess it may be because I’m too used to working and hanging out in Flushing. I just kind of take it for granted. And go about my business going from one place to the other, without taking in the Chinese language that is all around me.

That’s kind of a big flaw to be honest. I should be immersing myself deep in the Chinese language while hanging out in Flushing. Because the beauty of the language is all around me. It’s everywhere. It’s all about paying greater attention to detail. Because the more focused you are, the more attentive you are, the fuller your life will become.

I think this type of attention to detail can be applied everywhere we go. Whether we are vacationing in the Bahamas. Or if we’re simply walking down the streets of our own little community.

For me, Forest Hills has similarly been a place where I’ve been applying greater attention to detail. There were some small shops and nooks and crannies that I haven’t noticed before. I didn’t know there was a 99 cents store on Austin Street! It’s quite convenient if you want to buy small stuff for your house or apartment – like cooking utensils, towels, tissues, all-in-one cleaners, and such.

I didn’t even know that existed until I took an attentive walk around my community on my own – soaking in the scenery and the stores that were present amongst Austin Street. It was quite a joyous experience. Even though it’s not as adventurous as skydiving or bungee jumping, it was still experiencing something new in itself.

And that unlocked a small portion of my mind and opened my perspective on life just a little bit. Simply being more attentive to the surroundings around my area, I was able to notice and experience a novel concept or a new shop. I will try to apply this mentality more wherever I go.

I think the key is to stay in the present moment. Not get too drawn far ahead with goals or where you want to get to. Just experiencing every step, every breath, just the way it is. And you will gain more from the experience.

Achieving goals is great, but sometimes you just need to take a step back and enjoy the process. When you’re out in the community, take in the scenery. The changing leaves. The people on the streets. The new shops and stores that are opening around the area. It is a buffet for the senses.

You will acquire something new every day. And it’s baby steps in the right direction. When you’re attentive, that sense of wonder and curiosity that we are all born with will come into fruition naturally. It’s as if you’re back to being a child again. Amazed by the world around you. Captivated by every little minute detail. Enthralled by the mundane aspects of everyday life.

I think that type of mentality can engage a sense of wonder. A sense of gratitude. A sense of acceptance. A flow of focus that can’t be described by the mere senses. All that comes with greater attention. In your leisure time. At the gym. At work. With your family and friends. Just be more attentive to the experience. And practice that day in and day out.

It will lead to a fuller experience of life. And perhaps greater peace of mind in the long-term. It’s easier said than done. And sometimes, you will be unfocused for whatever reason. But that’s just life. When those periods of agitation come, just accept them for what they are as well. A feeling. And feelings come and go like the waves.

So, just try your best to give your attention to the matter at hand. Try your best to appreciate every minute detail of what’s in front of you. Appreciate the Chinese symbols hanging up in Flushing. Appreciate the new mundane shops opening up around the community. Appreciate the trees and the plants growing in your community. Appreciate the details and allow them to unlock your mind towards a whole new world.

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