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There are so much news in the world today. Stuff about COVID. Stuff about self-development. Stuff about making and investing money. Just stuff everywhere.

We have social media at our fingertips, and it’s a powerful tool to behold. At any moment, we can subject ourselves to floods of information and advice and ideas and opinions on anything in this universe.

I’ve been consuming things every since I was a baby. And everyone else is no different. We live a life of consumption. Whether it be consuming food or consuming information or consuming ideas.

And then we become what we consume. If we are into spirituality, we will read books, watch videos, listen to Podcasts about spirituality. About Buddhism. About Advaita Vedanta. About philosophy. And we’d be enamored with this topic.

We would look out into this world and see everything in the lens of spirituality. In the lens of the universe. And we would feel accordingly to that lens.

Similarly, if we go through life all about picking up girls, we would consume information on how to better talk to girls, how to make girls attracted to you, how to pick up chicks, and all that. And then, we would go through life with that lens or filter in our midst.

It really depends. Everyone has a different perspective. And their perspective depends on the news and information they consume on a daily basis. What they read in the news. What they are told by their parents and friends. The bubble that they live in.

Some people view vaccines as a life-saver. A miracle. A wonder. A turning point in this seemingly never-ending battle with the COVID pandemic.

Others may view the vaccine with hesitancy. With doubt. With uncertainty. With a pessimistic view for what it’s worth and decide not to take it accordingly.

We can’t control other people’s viewpoints or their ideas. We can, however, try our best to empathize and step into their shoes a little bit. See things from their world. See what makes them tick and see why they say what they say and do what they do.

That’s all we can do. But, what we consume in this life is very important and shapes our identities and makes us become who we are today. We, humans, are so different. And no one being is the same. We all go through life with our own doubts, our own thoughts, our own insecurities, and our own influences.

It’s what makes us beautiful and what makes us downright frustrating to encounter. It’s a double-edged sword, so to speak.

So, I would be careful with what I’d consume on a daily basis. The more negativity and horror and distrust that I view in the news, the more I would subconsciously have these feelings of distrust and negativity and horror.

The more I am influenced by those around me, the more I become those around me. There is the saying that we are the product of our five closest friends and family members. It’s what influences us whether we like it or not.

So, whether we like it or not, we are a culture of consumers. We see ads on TV. Ads on social media. News from different outlets. Ideas from friends and family members. And we use these influences to shape our own view of the world and the universe. We consume and then we are influenced.

So, try to filter out the information that you receive and make sure that it is healthy and beneficial to your well-being. Try to keep an open mind and an open perspective and don’t just pigeon-hole yourself into one world view. Try to diversify and see the world in all its glory and beauty.

Empathize with others. Try to see things from many people’s views. Don’t try to set a lens of what is wrong and what is right. What is right to some can be wrong for others, and vice versa. It’s quite a fluid situation. So, just be present and be aware that you are what you consume.

The information and the news in the media outlets these days can dominate and compete for your attention. It’s up to you to decide what you what to receive into your orbit and world.

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