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I just watched all three Toy Story’s recently this month. It was an easy watch. I highly recommend it. It was cute, adorable, fun, and had a happy ending. You know, the typical Disney formula.

I am a Disney fan. They just continuously churn out movies that help you imagine, create, and animate life in all its glory.

Toy Story was simply one of those many movies. And it got me thinking about my own stuffed animal/toy that I used to cherish way back then.

It was a big green fluffy dinosaur - cute to the core. And of course as a little kid, I gave it a life of its own.

Luckily, it came with its own name - Dinomite. Quite a creative name. It was a Christmas gift from my mom’s friend to me. And I cherished Dinomite for many years.

It brought me good memories and helped keep me happy in times of distress. I would usually place Dinomite on my bed. And when I was feeling down, I’d hug it like a teddy bear, squeezing it as hard as possible.

Dinomite was soft and fluffy, so it wouldn’t break. And it never annoyed me - like ordinary human beings. It was the perfect companion. The perfect stuffed animal.

In my mind, this cute dinosaur would be loyal to me until the end, and I loved imagining and playing around with it. I’ve had other stuffed animals thrown my way, but they never came close to Dinomite.

As of now, I’m unfortunately not sure where Dinomite is these days. Maybe I lost it. Maybe it’s in the attic. Maybe we donated however many years ago.

But, watching Toy Story made me think about those good old days I spent playing around with basically a stuffed bag of fluff in the shape of a dinosaur. Regardless, it was so adorable. I thank it for the good times.

Kids have quite an imagination about them. And it’s a testament to how experience and wisdom sometimes is not necessarily the best route to go with.

When you’re a kid, your imagination runs wild with options, and very rarely to get chastised for it. If you want to give your adorable pillow a name, go for it. How about a teddy bear? Sure why not.

As for a stuffed dinosaur? That would be great. And Dinomite was just that.

Recently, I’ve been referring to my 10+ year old 2007 Toyota Camry as my “baby.” Not sure why. It just seemed a fun way to refer my car. Just like in the Disney Pixar movie, Cars.

And why not? I’ve been driving my baby for over 10 years. And it still works like a charm. I’m getting too attached to it, and don’t want to buy a new car to replace it.

Recently, while in Brooklyn, parked underneath one of the underpasses, my baby got absolutely doused with bird s*it. It was traumatizing!

I had to put him thru a car wash, and cleaned every nasty speck off of him. I will never forgive birds for the horrors they put my baby through.

I guess there’s just something about giving life to inanimate objects, that just makes everything seem more interesting, more lively, and more animated. It gives a certain pizzazz about life. And it preserves that sense of wonder in us all, that is usually reserved for little children.

Just like a Disney movie about Toys.

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