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Enjoy The Ride

Things are looking up these days. The coronavirus pandemic is turning the corner in the USA. Vaccination rates are going up. Hospitalizations and deaths are going down in this country. And the weather is getting better! Warm summer weather is just around the corner.

I’m enjoying my time here at home. Taking care of dad. Getting supported by my lovely girlfriend. Things are looking up. And in times like this, I think about how grateful it is to have a home. To be financially sound. To live in a wonderful community. To have friends. To have a roof over my head and clothing on my back. To be able to breathe this air day in and day out.

The gratitude is endless. And I am having more times when I have enjoyable feelings. A feeling of privilege. A feel of gratitude. A feeling of sheer luck. Because many people in this world are struggling with their lives. With the pandemic. With putting food on the table. With getting laid off. With getting a divorce. Tragedies and misfortune happen all over the world.

And yet, these days, I feel somewhat privileged. Somewhat good about myself. Somewhat sufficient and at peace. I don’t know why. I just feel this way these days. I keep on telling myself to just enjoy this feeling. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because like all good things and bad things in this world, it won’t last. It does not go on forever - for better or worse.

So, I’m just going to enjoy the ride. Enjoy this “good” feeling while it lasts. And appreciate everything for what it’s worth. It’s simply not rocket science. A little bit of gratitude, acceptance, and kindness each day helps a lot towards inner well-being. And that’s something that I will continually practice from here on out.

So, I’m feeling good these days. And I’m just going to enjoy the ride. I’m up high in cloud nine these days, and I will just enjoy it for what it’s worth.

I remembered when I first got into Cornell. I had a similar feeling of having made it in life. Having conquered a huge challenge. Having been on top of the world. And it was a beautiful feeling. My problem was that I expected this feeling to last. And behold, it didn’t. After a couple more months in Cornell, that feeling slowly dissipated and I was feeling back to the norm.

I guess this is how it is for many feelings. You feel either really good or really bad initially. And then, after awhile, that feeling normalizes to the standard feeling. Feelings are just that. Simply feelings. Meant to enjoy, accept, and let go of. And I think this nugget of wisdom has made me better appreciate the fleeting good times that I’ve had over these years.

The world can be cruel to many. And so far, I’m fortunate to have not been hit by as many “obstacles” as others. And I am grateful for that. So, I will enjoy for what it’s worth. Because who knows what will happen in the future. I will use this privilege I have to cultivate better physical and mental health within myself.

The better and healthier I am, the less of a burden I become on my community. On society as a whole. So, happiness and overall well-being is in itself a service to society. So, continue to practice gratitude. Practice kindness. Practice generosity. And practice inner peace and well-being. Things like this can go a long way towards finding the ever-elusive feeling of fulfillment and purpose.

Even that in itself is a privileged feeling to pursue. How many people in third world countries actually care about purpose and fulfillment? All they really care about is having enough food on the table or enough clothing on their backs! No one is sitting there thinking about the meaning of life.

So, enjoy your good fortune. Hold on to those nuggets of wisdom and blissfulness that everyone has in their lives. And when they are gone, wish them a sincere and grateful goodbye. I am kind of in the middle of my “golden age” right now.

My parents are still around. My friends are still around. I have a wonderful girlfriend. And I am financially sound. Yes, there are things that I can continue to work on to prepare for life’s challenges ahead. But, overall, I am in a good place. And I appreciate everything I have right now in this moment.

I will continue to appreciate, with the realization that all good times must come to an end - sooner or later. And when that day comes, hopefully I will not harbor any regrets nor ill feelings. Hopefully, when that day comes, I will look back and see just how good I had it in life. That everything that I experienced was a bonus. A miracle. A wonder. And even though, I may lose many of these things that I’ve had, that I did not take them for granted. That I appreciated them when they were still in my life.

So, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Enjoy it fully. Don’t get bent down by misfortunes, tragedies, and bad events. Look for those nuggets of good times. Think back to the fond memories you hold. And appreciate them for what they are. Fleeting, but wondrous in their own way.

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