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Everyday Tools

The human race is an interesting group. We are not the biggest creatures. We are not the fastest. Nor the strongest. We aren’t the most physically intimidating. Yet, somehow we thrive in this world.

We are the apex predators in a world full of intimidating animals and predators. We somehow make it work, thru thick and thin. How do we do that? How do we persist and thrive and make the world ours to “dominate”?

I guess the main reason is our ability to develop tools. From making fire. To creating the first wheel. To creating vaccines and the Internet and iPads. Our human mind is amazing. And we are blessed with opposable thumbs and other physical traits to be able to build houses, apartments, cities, bridges, and complete societies.

We are a perfect storm of creation through the arts and sciences. We have tools at our disposal every day. From toilets to showers keeping us sanitary. To laptops and computers and iPhones keeping us active at work. It seems like everything we do is a tool.

I intend to go to the gym later today to work out. And over there, I will be using the treadmill as a tool to work out and improve my cardio. I will use the weight lifting machines as tools to improve my physical strength.

Yesterday, I went out with a good friend to catch a movie at a theater. We used the theater as a tool to entertain ourselves and experience a movie in its fullness. The movie itself was a tool to relax, enjoy, and hopefully learn something at the end.

Even our human body is a tool in itself. The heart is a tool to transport blood throughout our beautiful bodies. The kidney is a tool to help us detox and filter unwanted materials. The stomach is a tool to digest our food. And the intestines are a tool to soak up our nourishment. Everything can be seen thru the lens of a tool.

Everything in this world is ours to utilize and survive and thrive and prosper. The sun is a tool for us to enjoy and catch some rays. The trees are tools for us to enjoy, especially with the summer season upon us. Tools make the world go around.

And it’s kind of a blessing that we have developed so many tools in this modern world to help us with conveniences and getting through life as a whole. Therapy is a tool for us to get right and to improve our mental fortitude. The gym is a tool to similarly improve our physical (and mental) status.

Meditation is a tool for inner well-being. And Toastmasters is a tool to help us improve our much-needed communication skills. Everything can be seen in the light of being a tool.

I remembered how back in high school being a “tool” was seen in a negative connotation. After all, nobody likes to be used. To be taken advantage of. And that’s what being a tool kind of describes. Nobody wants to be seen that way.

But, the truth of it is that we are tools for each other to use. I am a tool to give back to society. I am a tool to pay my taxes and fund the government to keep it afloat. I am a tool to help my parents as they age. I am a tool to help my friends through hard times if they need. I am a tool to help seniors in need.

My blog is a tool for those who read it to improve upon their peace of mind and inner well-being. My hands are a tool to help create music thru the piano. I am a tool unto myself. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Being a tool means being able to provide some sort of value to society. Being able to help others. Being able to be supportive and helpful and of some sort of importance. We are all tools in some form or shape.

And that’s okay. Because what better feeling is there than to know that you are providing some sort of positive feedback to the community? To know that you are using your skills and talents to help make a deeper impact into someone else’s world? It’s a great feeling. And it’s something that you should be proud of.

We are all tools. And we all have it within us to provide some sort of insight or wisdom or value to this society that we live in. Whether we are paying our taxes. Making a meaningful contribution thru a discussion. Helping take care of our elderly parents. Or caring for a newborn child. We are all tools that are helping to bring our society to its full potential.

So, be a tool. Be of some good use. Be willing to share your ideas, your experience, your skills, to society at large. We are all in it together.

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