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The human mind is a terrible thing to waste. We have the ability to process and think holistically and solve complex problems. We have the ability to innovate and create tools. Our evolution has allowed us to develop a complex mind and body where all the bases are covered.

We can breathe. We can see. We can hear. We have blood in our veins. We have the ability to eat and digest and excrete. And we have the ability to communicate in our given language. There are so many miracles beyond imagination that allow us to live our lives the way we want to live it.

The fact that I’m able to use my hands and fingers to coordinate typing on this keyboard is amazing in itself. The ability to formulate thoughts. The ability to put thought into words and speech. The human mind is a miraculous tool if you just take a moment to think about it.

We also have some of the best technologies in the world that have made our lives considerably easier compared to just a century ago. There are computers and laptops and vaccines and public transportation. We are innovating every single day, every single week, every single year, to continue to improve and advance as a society.

We have strong support systems in the police, and the government, and scientists, and politicians. Our democratic system is built on the fundamental ideal that true power should be consolidated amongst the common people of the nation. We have strong multinational corporations providing real world value in society by selling product that make a big impact in the community.

Where would we be now without Amazon? Without Google? Without Apple? Without Instagram? The products that some of these companies sell are now wholly ingrained in our daily lives. There are so many tools at our disposal that allow us to live healthy and peaceful and relatively successful lives.

Yet, still, people fall through the cracks. There will be people suffering from anxiety and depression and general mental illness. There will be people falling ill to diseases that are still uncured. COVID is still around in the world. War and poverty and economic disparity are still present. Climate change is brutally barreling towards us. There are still lots of problems in this society left to be solved.

No system is foolproof. No system is the end all be all. No system can cure every single ill that exists in this world. People will still get sick. People will still be unsatisfied and angry. People will still be incapacitated in some form or manner. Old age will still come for us all if we’re lucky.

No matter how good things get in the future, problems will still exist. There will still be a veteran coming home with PTSD. There will still be that single mom trying her best to work multiple jobs to pay the rent and put food on the table for her family. There will still be arguments and petty divisive politics. There will still be racism and inequality and homeless people in cities. None of these solutions we have in the present day is perfect.

But at least we try to move the needle little by little, day by day. At least we can try to help alleviate the suffering of just one individual each day. At least we can use our skills and wisdom to provide value to our workplace or to our family lives. Those little things might seem subtle, but they do help in some form or fashion.

Problems will come and go. And people will still encounter loss in some form or fashion. Nobody ever bats 1,000 in this day and age, not even titans like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. There will still be dissatisfaction and heartbreak and mental unease.

Yes, our society has advanced so much compared to the stone ages. Compared to Medieval times. Compared to just two decades ago. It has excelled and changed tremendously for the better. But just realize that none of our systems are built to be perfect. The ideal behind their design is admirable. But people will unfortunately will still fall thru the cracks.

We can’t save them all. Nobody can. But the least we can do is try our best. Use our unique skills every single day to help someone out there find greater peace of mind and well-being. Use our strengths. Use our passions. Use our hobbies and interests. Use our support network. Use our enjoyment for life. Just use us to continue societal advancement. And to innovate and improve life for the future generation of people.

That’s the least we can do. But every little counts. Just be a needle mover. Even one inch per day is progress at the end of the day. Even if we work as slow as sloths or turtles, as long as we are moving forward, that’s all that matters. Stop looking for perfection in everything you do. In your physicality. In your mental well-being. In the systems that society has in place. They are all designed by this transient world. And at the end of the day, none of it will last nor accommodate to every single person out there.

Just find your zone, find your lane, and work to the best of your ability. That’s all we can do. The rest of it will fall in place.

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