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Full Of Maybes

Maybe she likes me. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe it’s better if I talk more in this group. Or maybe it’s better that I keep quiet. Perhaps it’s good to go to the gym to workout. But, maybe because of coronavirus, I should just stay home and be safe.

The world is full of maybes. It’s rarely black and white. Good and bad. Forward and backwards. You can spin things any way you choose. Argue endlessly over the politics of vaccines, of wearing masks, of international withdrawals, and all that.

You can make a case for anything in this world. I was watching Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago. And they had a liberal guest and a conservative guest on the talk show. They were arguing about critical race theory and whether or not it should be taught in schools. And both make invigorating and passionate case from their own perspective. But, it’s hard to choose a “winner”.

It’s hard to say that one side was more dominant than the other. One side was right and the other side was wrong. It’s hard to pinpoint things so clearly these days.

Same goes with doing business these days. Many times, it’s all about strategy. And how to write emails correctly and properly. But, nobody teaches that to you in school. You just kind of need to figure that out on your own. And there’s no one standard way of strategizing or talking to a customer. You just kind of have to do it and live with the results.

Business is a world full of maybes. A world where there is a shade of grey everywhere you go. You have people from everywhere telling you what is the right way to do business. It is to simply make money. It is provide quality service to your stakeholders. It is to serve a bigger purpose than yourself. It is to make a lasting impact on society today. All that is true. And all that you can follow. Or you don’t.

It’s really in the palm of your hands. The power, the perspective, the knowing. You get to decide what business is all about. You get to decide how to operate your company. You get to decide how to go about daily life. When to call. When to sell. When to reject. When to analyze. When to pull back. All that, you get to do. And all the teachers in the world can’t tell you what the “right” way of doing things are. You just have to kind of figure it out for yourself.

There are so many courses out there that try to sell you the “proper” way of doing things. How to chase after girls. How to make money. How to invest. How to find your passion. How to be happy. The list is endless. And they probably make a hefty profit from those courses. Because chances are, most people in this world don’t have a clue of what they’re doing. They’re looking for some support. For some guidance.

Because the world is full of maybes. There’s no clear cut winner or loser. When I was in school, it may have been a bit easier. The system was already defined for you. Teachers would determine whether you “pass” or “fail” an exam or course. They would assign you letter grades depending on your performance. Yes, school was an easier time in life. You didn’t have to worry about all the gray areas that life usually throws upon us.

But, upon graduating from college, I was taken aback by the wealth of options and mindsets there were across this world. I was taken aback by all the systems in place at different companies, in different communities, in different spheres of influence. I found out that life is not black and white. It’s rarely ever crystal clear. An action or decision you make today could have a domino effect on your stakeholders that you’ll never figure out.

This is not to say that everything needs to be taken so seriously. Life is full of decisions. But the decisions rarely make or break your identity. They rarely define you for all eternity. Life is fluid like that - for better or worse. And its fluidity causes many of us to see the world from different lenses - depending on our own unique perspective.

There are billions and billions of unique perspectives on the world today. Because everyone lives their own unique life. Their own unique experience. It is hard to judge whom is right and whom is wrong. All we can do is just shrug our shoulder and say “maybe”. Perhaps. Possibly. It’s hard to define the world in extremes. You make a decision and you live with the consequences. It could have “good” ramifications. It could have “bad”. And what’s good and what’s bad really depends on your beliefs. Your own ideals.

So, don’t take every decision you make too seriously. There will be people that you harm. There will be people that you help. It’s hard to say what the lasting impact would be (or if there is any). Just enjoy the fluidity that life brings. Enjoy the here and now. Practice gratitude every day, and don’t get too ingrained with your everyday thoughts. They come and go, just like everything else.

And don’t take my writing so seriously neither.

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