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Google It Up

Modern technology is amazing these days. The Internet can offer so many opportunities and so much information at the palm of our hands. Just one click and you can learn about so many random things going on in this world. Just the other day, I learned how to cut a pineapple from a simple five-minute YouTube video!

I didn’t have the Internet growing up in the 1980s, and it has been a revelation and has completely changed the world for the better (for the most part at least). And it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. And I don’t think most people can live without Internet these days.

I’m amazed by how much we can learn for free by simply Googling things up. By asking a simple question in the search bar and getting thousands of relevant answers in a matter of a split second. It’s something that I don’t think we should take for granted.

These days, I’ve been watching a lot of videos and reading articles on personal finance and how to build a sufficient nest egg for eventual retirement. And there are countless amounts of useful videos out there to help you determine how to smartly invest your hard-earned money. Knowledge is power and the Internet provides a wealth of that in the blink of an eye.

This type of unique convenience and access to information has unlocked our potential to the stratosphere and has allowed us to improve our lives in so many regards. We can learn how to better invest. We can learn new skills. We can stay more informed about the happenings of the world. We can improve the efficiency in how we work. We can do so much.

It really is a boon to existence and it’s important that we don’t take this for granted. I expect that the next generation will simply depend more on technology going forward. And that Google isn’t going anywhere. So, it’s good to appreciate what we have right here, right now and utilize this tool to its fullest extent.

The modern world has innovated and grown so much over the past few decades. And so much has changed from the time when I was still a little kid. But there is still more to do. There is still more to be impacted and more innovation to come along.

What will the future hold for us in a decade or two? How will technology morph? Will we be even more independent on artificial intelligence going forward? There is no crystal ball to 100% confirm any of this. No one knows how the economy will be like a decade from now. Or if there will be another world-shattering pandemic that comes along. Even the experts can’t say for sure.

So, for now, just appreciate this wonderful tool called Google and figure out how to best utilize it to grow and invest in your own life. How to best move forward and learn. How to best improve your status in this world. There are so many tools and tips at your fingertips, and it would be a shame not to use it to the best of your abilities.

As you can tell, I am a big fan of Google. I am simply amazed at how one single question can yield thousands upon thousands of answers. It’s quite an easy way to crowdsource questions on whatever it is that you are interested in. Whether it be how to find inner peace. How to improve your health. How to build wealth. The best places to travel around the world. Or basically whatever else that strikes your fancy.

I am trying not to take it for granted. Because a tool like this doesn’t come along very often. It can answer so many of life’s external questions. It can provide a lot of knowledge at the simple click of a mouse. It can provide convenience and information and entertainment at the drop of hat.

Google is quite entrenched in our global society, and I feel like it will be here to stay for the foreseeable future. So, whenever you have a question about life, whether it be how to cut a pineapple or how to improve your physical health or how to achieve peace of mind, just Google it up. Because chances are, there will be some relevant information out there that can help guide and improve your well-being.

Make good use out of this tool. Because at the end of the day, it is a tool and something that we should appreciate and utilize to the best of our abilities. Find whatever it is that you’re looking for. Improve your life. And continue to learn and grow along with the best of them.

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