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As I write this next topic on this blog, I am humbled by all the factors in the universe that allow me to sit here writing this word for word.

I am grateful to the education that I’ve gotten over the years in school, allowing me to learn and craft the English language.

I am grateful to the first computer classes that I took in elementary school in fifth grade. I remembered seeing those large bulky Apple computers in the classroom, and us students were all competing about who could type the fastest.

I am grateful to all the teachers over the years that have given me the experience of what it’s like to learn a new topic, learn a new language, learn a new skill, play a new song.

I am grateful for whatever adversity comes my way, which helps me better appreciate the finer things in life.

I am grateful to the simple things in life that allow me to sit here and write. The air that I breathe. Every breath I take is a miracle. Every inhale and exhale and the complicated process that is human respiration.

I appreciate gravity for keeping me locked onto the surface of this world (lol), and I appreciate the warmth of this house that allows me to write freely without preoccupation.

I am thankful to my parents for bringing me into this world, allowing me to play and contribute to society the way I see fit. And to experience the miracle that is called life.

I appreciate my friends for adding a colored dimension and for sharing good times together. For taking trips. For checking out basketball games. For just grabbing a quick bite to eat.

I appreciate my girlfriend for being herself and similarly sharing special memories together. For cooking delicious meals. For watching Game of Thrones on the sofa. And for simply spending time with me.

I am grateful to my body and my mind for giving me the ability to express myself and to remain active in endeavors that I find meaningful.

I am not alone. I am a plethora of events, actions, relationships, that help me define myself into the person that I am today.

And I am thankful for seeing a tomorrow that will help me further re-shape and re-define myself into someone completely new and fresh.

Every day is a new day, and we all change from the influences around us.

Even small accomplishments that I achieve - whether it be in a relationship, whether it be at Toastmasters, whether it be at work - these accomplishments cannot be done by my lonesome.

I need help. From so many factors, so many wise men, so many teachers, so many educators, so many friends and family members.

I appreciate everyone and everything that helped me experience life thru my lens. Through my colored perception. Through my interpretation. Through my purpose. Through my means.

There is so much that I cannot do alone.

When I’m working in the family business, I see my parents doing the nitty gritty work, that allows me to time to do the stuff I want to do - like sales and business development.

When I’m struggling to achieve any goal, I see that even if I finish the accomplishment, even if I achieve the award, even if I beat the competition - I can’t do it alone.

Even at Toastmasters, I’m thankful for all the members that came before me. Everyone volunteering for their respective roles. Everyone trying their best to move the meeting forward productively.

And everyone doing things for the sake of it - and not for the need of a tangible result.

I’m humbled to say that I’m just one person in this vast world. In this vast universe. And that’s okay.

I’m limited to my own body and my own mind. But to achieve real accomplishments, I can’t do it alone. I have to give credit to everything and everyone around me.

When I hear people say “I’ve made it in life”, I congratulate them on their accomplishments. On getting this far.

And I thank all the innumerable factors in this world that allowed that person to “win”, to “accomplish”, and to “make it in life”. No person can make it on their alone.

So, wherever we are, however we are, whenever we are, just know that we can’t do it alone.

And you are never alone. You are supported. You are welcomed. You are a part of a team that wants you to thrive and succeed.

Because this world is so connected that we are dependent on each other for success and well-being. And that’s what makes it beautiful. We are all in this together.

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