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In Search Of Inspiration

Some days, I wake up in my bed feeling tired and lethargic. Not wanting to get to work. Feeling drowsy, down, and out for some reason. I don’t know why. There are some family stressors of late that I am dealing with. But, overall, I still have a relatively peaceful life.

Some days, motivation inspires me to get up from bed with a pep in my step. It allows me to attack the day with full force. Making me realize how good I have it in life.

But yes, some days I am in search of motivation. In search of inspiration. Something to guide me for the rest of the day. To make sure that I am living a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. That’s all I really want every day.

So where can I find this inspiration? This motivation? Where can I find that consistently on a daily basis?

Mark Manson recently mentioned that you don’t need to wait for motivation to come knocking at your door. The most important thing is to get up and take action - regardless of how you feel. Just do it for the sake of doing it, and let motivation seep into your pores gradually.

That’s some sound advice, I feel. After all, motivation isn’t going to come to your door every day day in and day out. But, I also feel like if we’re searching for motivation - for inspiration - it shouldn’t be that hard. It really shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Just look around us. Just look at this beautiful world to behold. Inspiration is everywhere. Look at the grass growing in my front yard. Look at my mom working hard to take care of my family. My dad for imputing wisdom to me about life. For my friends working through the day. For my girlfriend cooking me up a nice and scrumptious meal. For the cashiers and the garbage men that help make my day just a bit easier.

It’s all quite random. But, there is inspiration everywhere and anywhere. Or just look at our own bodies and our own health. The beauty of taking a simple breath. Of getting up and being able to walk in the morning. Of how your heart pumps naturally to supply nourishment and oxygen to your entire body.

There is so much wonder in this world that can inspire us to take action and work for a better future - for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities.

My philosophy class used to teach me a neat trick for better well-being. It was to “look for beauty” in this world. And if you can’t see the beauty, simply look again. I still remember that advice to this day. And it’s something that I should practice more on a day-by-day basis.

Because beauty is everywhere. Motivation is everywhere. Inspiration is everything. I can find inspiration in my body, in my talents, in my community, in my natural context. I can find it everywhere I see.

The coffee cup in front of me right now reminds me of the Dunkin Donuts cashier that made my coffee. And how knowledgeable it is to know how to make coffee. And how beautiful it is that there is something called coffee in this world that I can enjoy and hold in the palm of my hands.

Driving over to my girlfriend’s place reminds me of the intricacies of the automobile. And how someone had the knowledge and the talent to invent this piece of vehicle that is now dominant across the world, and important for the transportation of billions of people around this world.

Reading a book by Adam Grant reminds me of the time and dedication he took to compiling a 300+ page book, filled with coherent research, and personal anecdotes, all for the learnings and enjoyments of the reader - myself.

These little details here and there are everywhere. Beauty. Talent. Inspiration. Motivation. It’s everywhere in our world. If we can just dig a little deeper and see it with our own eyes, there will be no need to “search” for motivation or inspiration.

It is inherently right at our fingertips. Literally at my fingertips. As I am typing this post out on my computer, I am reminded of how amazing it is that the computer was invented. And how my elementary school taught me how to successfully typewrite on the computer back when I was less than 10 years old. These skills and natural talents are inherent in ourselves.

We can be a source of inspiration for others. And for ourselves. Inspiration is not simply the astronaut that is currently overlooking planet Earth from the Moon. Or the President of the United States for distributing over 100 million vaccines to the United States over these past couple of months.

Inspiration is also in the mundane everyday life that we see in this world. The cashier helping us bag our groceries. The nurses and doctors helping to keep my dad happy and healthy. The garbage men that come to collect our trash and making our societies cleaner. The mailman coming to distribute our daily letters. It goes on and on.

If I needed inspiration, it’s right here at all times at the palm of my hands. And it is that way for all of us.

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