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Long Weekends

I don’t live an ideal life. I am thankful that I don’t have to work a typical 9 to 5 job and that I have flexible hours. Yet, I still learn a lot working in the family business and I am thankful that I have the basic skills necessary to take over the business from head to toe.

Typically on a work week, I would try to wake up early and get started out on the emails that need to be done. Then, if there’s time, I work on operations and strategy for the business and also perhaps reach out to some new potential clients to see if I can get things going from that end.

Long weekends are kind of a blessing for me. I see them as a way to have a head start on life. A chance to relax, yet also a chance to kind of get a leg up on the competition. I can work or I can relax. I can go to the gym. Or I can simply relax and watch some TV shows. It’s up to me. Long weekends give me the choice to live life the way I please.

And I am thankful that for the most part, I am doing what I want in life. Both professionally and personally. There are always things that I feel that I can add on to make my life that much more fulfilling and meaningful.

For example, I am trying to volunteer my time to give back to the Queens Community House, which is a volunteer organization that serves the greater NYC Queens community. I am also trying to expand my list of chores around the house to lessen the burden on my mom and dad.

I am also of course trying to make more money in the family business just for the sake of it. I’m not sure what I’d do with all the extra money, but for now it’s still important for me to have a successful family business. Working there gives me some purpose to my life as well.

And yes, I’m thankful that I can find purpose in many of the things that I do. Whether it be investing in my friends and family. Or just attending to my hobbies, like Toastmasters, meditation, and philosophy. I also feel like I have a fairly active lifestyle - going to the gym periodically to get my fitness at top level.

So, overall, I’d say that I’m living a relatively good life. And it’s important to practice gratitude. Whenever long weekends roll around, it just feels like there’s a head start to what I want to do. So, I kind of grasp the time and take advantage of it.

It feels like I am breaking thru the status quo of simply relaxing and getting a head start on life. But it’s important to note that long weekends only have that effect if it’s not every week. It’s good that those types of weekends are spread out here and there. So, that I can maximize my opportunity and really appreciate those weekends.

Scarcity brings more treasure to life. And that’s part of the reason why I value my mortality. Because how responsible would we really be if we were actually immortal beings? But that’s for another story in the future.

I think the moral of the story is that it’s important to grasp your time. And to appreciate every second that you have on this planet. Regardless of whether it’s a long weekend or just a regular work week. It’s important to cherish and embrace what you have in front of you. To try to soak in the moment as much as you can. And try your best to give back to the beautiful world that created you.

It’s as simple as that. No need to make life so complicated. Honestly, every week feels like a long weekend for me. An opportunity to get a leg up. An opportunity to do what gives me meaning and purpose. An opportunity to improve myself every single day. I think these moments are moments of gratitude. Because I do realize that not everyone has the luxury of time on their side.

So, all I can be is very grateful of my current status. And try my best to help people if they so request. But at the same time, note that I have my limitations and that I cannot help everyone in this world. And that’s okay.

So long weekends really are a boon for me. They make me realize that time is of the essence. And that we are here for only a speck of time in existence. As Sadhguru mentions, we are all just specks and mere pop-ups in this vast galaxy. We pop in. And then we pop out. So, why be so serious about your life. Look to humor for some perspective.

So whenever you’re given a new lease on life. See it as a chance to improve. A chance to enjoy. A chance to be grateful. A chance to give back. The second chances are endless. Long weekends can put some perspective on your life to help you with greater peace and well-being.

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