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Manufactured Worry

There are a lot of things in this world that make me fret. It seems like the more I accumulate in life, the more worries and distractions I have. I guess that’s just the nature of life.

For example, I am engaged now. Which is awesome! But now, I worry about marriage. About starting a family. About having kids. About having grandchildren. Oh no! It seems like it never ends.

More specifically, I worry if I can be a successful father. Am I the type of person that can welcome a child graciously into my life? Will I know how to take care of a little one?

What if he turns out to be disabled? What happens if the child does not turn out to what you expect him or her to be? What then? How will you deal with these types of adversities?

The questions and possibilities are endless.

I also worry about taking care of my mom and dad, whom are growing older as we speak. Will I be able to afford hospital bills? What if something unexpected were to happen? A lot of these type of random questions run through my head at times.

The more I go into adulthood. The more I grow older. The more worries there seem to be. I am no longer in the blessed bliss of childhood. When all I had to worry about was good grades and extracurricular activities.

The worries are endless. If you let your mind wander, they are everywhere and around the corner. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this world. Many people worry about different things in life. Especially with this ongoing pandemic.

The worries can run from whether they are able to provide for their family, if they or their loved ones get COVID, are they able to take care of the financials, to many other things. It just never seems to stop.

So, how can we get rid of worry? Or at least how can we at least maintain a sense of peace within ourselves and not let worry get the best of us?

There are many practical ways. Sadhguru mentions that human beings mainly suffer from two of their greatest faculties: their memory and their imagination. That is all.

And I don’t disagree with that statement. After all, what is worry but more than your own imagination strung together in a negative strand? It’s all that is. Imagining the worse possible outcomes out of a multitude of outcomes and finishes.

It is worrying about the baby before the baby is even born or before my fiancée and I start to plan for the child. It is worrying about the endless drastic news that come out from this world. The worry just never ends. And if we let it, it certainly will never leave from our premises.

But, everything we ever worry about is simply imagination. It is manufactured within our head, between our eyes. And that’s the power in imagination. We can imagine whatever we please.

If we want to worry, we can worry. If we want to hope, we can hope. If we want to believe, we can believe. We have the power to manufacture thoughts with our mind. So, why not make it a pristine place to dwell?

Why not think about the possibilities instead of the worry? Why not think about what can go right instead of what can go wrong? Why not stay optimistic about the life is ahead of you?

After all, I am only 36 years of age. I have a whole life still ahead of me. I have the possibility to become a father. A possibility that can transform my life for the better. I have the possibility to become a husband. The ability to love someone for who they are unconditionally and for the better.

I have the possibility to continue to serve my wonderful community - for better or worse. I have the possibility to become a good son and take care of my aging parents. I have the possibility to serve so many wonderful roles in this society. Why not cherish it and embrace it for what it’s worth?

That doesn’t mean that we will never worry about anything ever again. Worry will always seep in here and there. It will come to us the least we expect. But, at least, we should realize that there are things in our minds that we can control. And worry is something that is all internal.

It is the power of our minds that manufacture worry for us to dwell on and well…worry about. It is the mind that gives us the possibility to think of all the optimistic hopes that can come to us in the future. It is our minds that give us the potential to become full-fledged human beings. So, why not take care of our minds?

After all, it is a production factory where all our thoughts, hopes, and ideals are manufactured from. So, why not think for the better? Plan for the better. Hope for the better. And accept worry for what it is. As something that will happen to us - but is just the natural process of being human.

Worry will still happen. It will still happen to me. It will still happen to others. But, it is still a beautiful world out there. And we should all count our blessings (and we have many) in this world. The opportunities are endless. And wonders are overflowing. And the worries can be diminished - if we simply operate with the right perspective in mind.

So, be at peace. Be at ease. Be joyful with what you have in life. Accept worry for what it is. And realize that beauty is here in the present and for all eternity.

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