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Pay Your Taxes

We all hate them. We all try to find loopholes when tax season comes around. We all try to minimize them. We all complain about them. But yes, taxes are an inevitable part of life. You can’t avoid them. And if you do, you’re probably going to jail!

It’s nothing new. People complain about paying taxes all the time. And if you’re in a certain class (middle) in this nation, your taxes will most likely be raised slowly going forward. It’s not a nice thought to think about. After all, who wants to pay more taxes?

But sometimes, I try to think of it from another perspective. We live in a wonderful (and admittedly flawed) nation. Where we have freedoms. Modern conveniences. And vibrant communities across the land. Isn’t it kind of fair that we pay taxes to the government? To the entity that is providing all these resources to us at our disposal?

I kind of see paying taxes as a necessary part of being alive. And yes, it is a meaningful way to contribute a little back to the community that has given you so much. Nobody likes to pay high taxes. But it’s a necessary action of being a part of a community.

When you see it that way, maybe you can see paying taxes as a fulfilling endeavor. In one way, it is kind of like giving back to the community. In fact, it is giving back to the community!

Giving back doesn’t entail simply working in soup kitchens, or at animal shelters, or at homeless establishments. Yes, those are all admirable actions that you can take to help contribute to the community. But, look no further than paying your taxes as the ultimate way of giving back to your community.

After all, how will our nation survive financially and economically if it were not for the simple taxpayer? The individual earning an income and giving back to the government a portion of what they earn? We are all contributors to this wonderful place we call home. And giving taxes should be seen as something that is admirable and inspirational. After all, we are paying our fair share. And we are seeing the growth of a nation because of it.

So, if you pay your taxes, give yourself a pat on the back. Give yourself some credit for putting in some meaningful value to the community. Those tax dollars you provide will go into funding your community’s education, infrastructure, health care, technology, science and development, and much more. It will help the community sustain itself thru hard times.

So, yes, even though nobody wants to pay high taxes, we should see paying taxes as a privilege. And as a means to purposefully give back to society. We are all giving back in our own little way. We don’t necessarily have to donate to charity. Or give blood. Or volunteer at a non-profit. Giving taxes is more than enough of a way to give to society.

So, try to see paying your taxes in that light. See it as a “heroic” and meaningful contribution to society. Because, quite frankly, it is. And it is one of many ways to provide value to this beautiful society that we live in. It is one way to say that I care about the future and the growth and the maintenance of our community.

Paying your taxes can be a catalyst towards finding meaning and purpose in life. It shouldn’t be painted in such a catastrophic and annoying way (like many of us do). It should be seen as a means to provide and give to a greater cause. It can be a way to find purpose - dare I say.

So, that’s what I’m trying to do. That’s what I’m trying to see when I pay my taxes. When I pay my income tax. Or sales tax on that new clothing that I just purchased. I see these taxes as giving a little bit to the nation. To the city. To the state. To society’s overall well-being.

And I put faith on the higher ups to ensure that these tax dollars are put to good use. To help develop our nation and our government in a fruitful manner. That we see that it is put to meaningful usage.

So, again, there are many ways to give back to the community that you love. And paying taxes is most certainly one of them. It is okay to complain about that. But, just know, that you are doing a meaningful action for the well-being of the community. And that in itself deserves some applause.

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