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Perfect Society

We live in the most advanced age of society there ever was. We have televisions, cars, airplanes, the Internet, iPhones, and video games all in one package. We have experts involved in breakthroughs in medical science. We have pioneers across all industries. We live in one of the safest eras thus far.

Every little thing we do is monitored. We have support systems and structures for our mental and physical health. We have so many things that can make us fulfilled and healthy and at peace with where we are.

Yet, many of us are still not content. Many of us still suffer from physical and mental ailments. Sadness, suffering, depression, and anxiety are not that far out for some of us - depending on our circumstances. It’s a humbling thought. To have all these advanced comforts and technologies at our disposal - yet we are still not well on a human basis.

There are so many nooks and crannies left undiscovered. Still so many improvements that can be made. Once in a while, people will fall thru the cracks. And people will suffer because of it. This is not a perfect society by any stretch of the means. The ideal would be for everyone to live in peace and harmony forever. But, that is just simply not the case.

There are still struggles around every corner. There are still diseases and wars and famine and hunger and other strife around the world that plague humankind. There is still so much worry and feelings of insufficiency. It is not perfect. It never is.

But, we do have the power of science and medicine at our backs. We do have therapists to help ease the mental anguish. We do have religion and philosophies to help us cope with the suffering. There are many tools at our disposal. We are not perfect but we do have a healthy toolbox and first aid kit to fall back upon.

That is the society we live in today. One with flaws. And one with strengths. But we’ve made significant progress over these years. Over this century. Human lifespan has continued to increase (to my knowledge) every decade. And science and medicine is a big part of these results.

But, we need to continue on with that progress. We need to accept the fact that we will not “save” every individual. Nor does every individual need saving. We are an imperfect society doing our best to make ends meet. And not everyone will be satisfied with the results.

It will be a struggle at times. There will be times when you don’t want to get out of bed. When all you want to do is wallow in your pain. That’s when it’s time to be resilient. To move forward despite the face of harshness. To go out even though you’re not feeling it. To go to the gym. To exercise. To hang out with friends. To talk to a close friend or a loved one. There are so many things you can do to maintain that peace and harmony within you.

You can take up a hobby. You can meet new people. You can set new goals. You can participate in a cause greater than oneself. You can practice gratitude. You can practice acceptance. You can count your blessings. There are so many actions you can take to alleviate the pain and suffering that will inevitably come your way.

This society is not perfect by any stretch of the means. But, we all are out there trying our best. Trying to stay happy. Trying to succeed. Trying to make something out of ourselves. We are all prone to weaknesses and we all have times of vulnerability. Times of distress. That’s when it’s time to stay active. Yes, feel the pain and accept it. It’s okay to feel bad sometimes. Just remember to utilize it and turn it into something productive and forward moving.

We are all beautiful and sufficient just the way we are. The society we live in is a reflection of ourselves. Vast. Improving. Wonderous. And vulnerable at times. We don’t have all the answers. Far from it. But, most of us do have enough food on the table. Enough clothing to keep us warm. A roof over our heads. Friends and loved ones to consult and console. There are many things that we can count as blessings. And it’s important not to forget that and keep an open perspective.

So, as flawed as this society is, know that everyone is trying their best to make ends meet. Occasionally, some people will fall thru the cracks. But, it’s our responsibility to try our bests to maintain the peace of mind that is present within us all. So, that we become net positives in this society and progress in a way that is warm and inspiring. We can thrive in this imperfect world. We are not alone.

We just have to trust the process and know that this society provides a lot of comfort, conveniences, and wonders to us all. It has been doing so since my 37 years of existence. And it will continue to do so moving forward. And I hope to stay present and appreciate all the good that is around me. All the support that I’ve received from my friends and loved ones. And bask in the gratefulness of it all.

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