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There has been a lot of trials and tribulations in the news lately. I can’t even bother to watch the news, as everything on it is simply bad news. About you-know-what.

But through these news, I see shreds of resilience displayed by the NYC community and the global community. I see periods of optimism in dark times formed by the masses.

I’ve heard of the 7 PM hour when people in Manhattan would shout and applaud from their windows in appreciation of the healthcare workers whom are putting their well-being on the line for the sake of the greater good.

There are people in leadership positions doing what they can to help alleviate the pain and suffering of the many. It’s all a reminder that the human race is more resilient than we think.

We’ve been through tough times before, and we’ve survived as a collective. There is a light at the tunnel that we can reach.

And once we plow though these storm clouds, we will hopefully garner a greater sense of appreciation of being simply alive. Being simply able to breathe and appreciate the wonder that is the human condition.

I look forward to that day when the coronavirus situation subsides globally, and we can all breathe a sigh of collective relief. Grateful for the future and the things that will come.

I look forward to the day that a vaccine will be developed through the beauty of science. I look forward to the day that the United States (and more specifically NYC) eventually flattens the curve.

When there is finally news showing that our social distancing policy has been working and slowly lessening the burden on the health care system.

I look forward to these days. But for now, all we can do is hunker down, stay home, socially distance, and exhibit proper hygiene. Try to donate our time and money to causes that will help the community during this trying time.

There are charity organizations that can help kids get school meals, deliver food to the needy, help get personal protective equipment to the frontline health care workers. You name it, and take your pick at the options.

So, donate what you can. And stay home as much as possible. Because things will get worse before it gets better.

Just be reminded that there will eventually be that light at the end of the tunnel. Within reach sooner rather than later if we follow orders to stay home and socially distance.

The news plays a big role in this, and I am grateful to be informed by the news outlets - despite how traumatizing some of the news can be.

Someone needs to be informed - for better or worse. And I again tip my hat off to the grocery store workers, the pharmacists, the doctors and nurses, and all our essential workforce that still need to go to work thru these trying times.

I realize how easy I have it, and acknowledge the bravery and determination of those on the front lines. Job well done. And when the worst of this over and we can go out again, I’ll buy some of you guys lunch.

It’s tough, and I can only commend them from afar. But, I feel like people are more resilient than we think.

Yes, we need to donate to the needy. And we need to follow government orders to stay home. At this point, that’s all the rest of us can do.

I’m lucky to be able to spend time with my parents and my cousin in the comfort of our home. It’s been a time of gratitude, to simply be alive with loved ones together.

I need to remind myself everyday that I have it good. That this life should not be taken for granted. And I commend to the heroes that are the healthcare workers in the system.

That light at the end of the tunnel will come. And when it does, our nation and our world can finally breathe a collective sigh of relief. But for now, we need resilience for the trials to come.

And as human beings, we are more resilient than we think.

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