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Retirement Home

I am trying to enjoy my youth as much as I can. Just live life in the moment. Appreciate every experience I have. Enjoy the presence of my fiancée, my parents, my community. Think about the positives in life, and there are many.

Yes, right now, I am in the prime of my life. In my late 30’s. Not really worrying too much about my mental nor physical health. Yes, sometimes, I’m not in the right headspace. Maybe I am having a bad day. Maybe something or someone rubbed me the wrong way. But, in general, things can always be worse.

I could be living in poverty. I could have a major disease. I could be living in the midst of a country-wide war. But, thankfully (knock on wood) I am not.

Sometimes, I wonder what it feels like to reach old age. Would I be happier? Would I be sadder? Would the added experience of living a couple more decades make me into a wiser and more fulfilled person?

Would I have children that can take care of me in my advanced age? Or would I be taking care of myself based on my retirement savings?

Would I be living at home? Or would I be escorted away towards a nursing home during my later days?

I don’t know obviously. The questions come to mind. But, I don’t think about it with any dread nor concern as of now anyways. After all, it’s still in the distant future. And hopefully, I can just not think too much and enjoy the present moment as much as I can.

Be thankful for my good health and relative peace. Be thankful that the challenges that come my way are a way for me to develop and grow and improve for the betterment of society.

That’s what challenges are for. And we all go through them each and every day whether it be small or large. So, for now, all I can do is rake in the experiences that are given to me every day.

Continue to manage the family business. Talk to my friends and family. Live life to the fullest (with or without a pandemic swirling around). And try my best to take care of my community given my limitations.

I see some older people in my Toastmasters club approach life with vigor and optimism. And I admire them. I hope that some day when I grow old, I can become as wise and as passionate about life as them. Hopefully, when I grow old, I will see life thru my experiences and become a happier and more fulfilled individual.

I hope I can accept that with my advanced age, I can share my wisdom and experience with those who want to listen. And even if I eventually go to the retirement home, I hope I can take it with stride and gratitude. That there is a place that can take care of me as I grow older.

It’s something that I don’t need to deal with in the here and now. But, it’s nice to think and plan ahead anyways. After all, we have a shelf life in this world. And it’s nice to forecast a little bit. Have a little bit of savings in the bank to fall back on during hard times.

But, I hope that I can see old age as a gift. A time to reflect on my legacy. However big or small it is. Reflect on the lives of people that I’ve impacted and shared. Think about all the actions I’ve taken and how they’ve helped or harmed other parties. And do my best to be a positive force in the world.

To be accepting of the here and now regardless of age. Accepting that I have lived a full and purposeful life. One with ups and downs, challenges and setbacks, but all experience have made me into the individual I am today. Without those valleys, I would never have truly enjoyed the peaks. Without darkness, I would never have known what it feels to have light.

So, when the twilight of my career dawns on me in a couple of decades, I hope I can come forth with acceptance and grace. Whether I have a family or not at that time, I hope I can still continue to do my best and leave the world a better place. Impact whatever and whomever I can. Provide advice for those willing to listen. And see everything with an open mind.

After all, there’s no need to take things too seriously. Things are meant to be enjoyed - even the hard times. So, when I get to “retirement home” age, I hope I can see everything with vigor, passion, acceptance, and purpose. Let go of the things that I cannot control and focus on the things that I can.

Help those in need. Provide advice to those who are willing. And ride off into the sunset with grace, dignity, and inner peace.

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