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Safety Net

I am a lucky guy. My parents and I get along fairly well. And they provide me with invaluable advice about everything under the sun - from business to finance to relationships to life in general. They serve as my safety net so to speak. In case I fail and make mistakes, I can always fall back towards them and ask them for guidance on how to approach things.

I have so many safety nets in this society today. Financially, I am fairly well-off and not living paycheck to paycheck. I have family, friends, and community that support me graciously. I am not living in a war-torn nation. My relationships are stable and healthy. If I make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world.

There seems to be a never-ending net of support that I can fall back on if I fail. Even if I somehow run myself into poverty, I am sure that the government will find a way to support me thru its federal assistance programs.

There is a safety net for everything. If I get sick, there are a myriad of medical specialists that I can see for all parts of the human body. There are hospitals that I go to. If I become poor, there are financial aid that I can apply towards. If I have bouts with mental health, there are therapists that I can enlist. If I need to move apartments, there are moving companies that I can call.

It seems like living in a big city, there are people that you can at all hours of the day to help you solve your problems and annoyances. That’s the good thing about living in a city as busy and bustling as New York.

So, I am thankful for this. I am thankful that I have all the skills needed to be able to call people at a whim to help solve my problems. I am thankful that I have the financial resources intact to operate sustainably as an individual. I was born with a “silver spoon” in my mouth so to speak. I have so many people in my life that have contributed towards my well-being both directly and indirectly that I am truly humbled. There is nothing more humbling than realizing that your achievements and accomplishments would not have happened if it were not for the support of a multitude of other individuals.

I would not have accomplished my DTM were it not for the forum of Toastmasters. The countless hours that members provided creating a supportive environment for meetings to take place. It is inspirational. It is humbling. It is wisdom at its best.

So, to all my safety nets out there throughout the course of my 30 something years of existence, I thank you. And it makes me want to do what I can to give back to society given my limitations. To do what I can to help out in the community. To help make an impact (big or small) to the people that have given me so much. I am forever in debt.

The least I can do is enjoy my life to its fullest. Enjoy the mundane things that pop up in my life. Speaking with my parents. Hanging out with my friends. Going thru a new experience. All these simple things in life are meant to be enjoyed. Meant to be realized. Meant to be appreciated.

And if it were not for all these safety nets in place, I would not have become the person that I am today. I would not have had the type of high level education. I would not have had the type of upbringing. It is truly humbling to think about.

So, all I can do is enjoy life to the fullest. And not be a big burden on society. I’ll give back however much I can, but at the end of the day, I will take care of myself and be happy and at peace with wherever I’m at.

I am a conglomeration of all that is before me. Everyone has played a role in me becoming who I am today. And it’s hard to have it any other way. It’s important to be at peace with what you already have in the here and now. To not want to “be” anyone other than who you are at this moment.

To not have one desire after another, but be happy with what you’ve received and what you’ve given. Nobody is perfect and everyone has their own hiccups in the road, but it’s important to be grateful for everything that’s happened to you in your life. The safety nets that provided you with sustenance are abundant and it’s important to realize that things can always be worse than they currently are.

So, be grateful for the moment. Be grateful for your current existence and your current status. And take things one step at a time. Realize that the support system that you are given in this world is overflowing everywhere you look. From the clothes that you wear. To the house or apartment that shields you from the rain. To the food that fills and warms up your belly. To the resources that keep your family afloat. Everything that you are given is not to be taken for granted.

It is a beautiful life out there with wonderful abundance wherever you look. If you can’t see thru all that beauty, then simply look again. And again. And again. You will be supported.

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