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The Limitation of Words

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

One of the best things about this country (from my view) is freedom of speech. You have the right to say (almost) what you want whenever you want.

It’s the inalienable right that our elementary school teachers first teach us and ingrain in our heads to show what differentiates the USA from other countries.

It’s what our USA ancestors fought to preserve when they broke free of British rule hundreds of years back. And for this, we should be grateful and respectful.

We, in the USA, have the ability to communicate and express our thoughts with a relative grace and openness that should be thoroughly appreciated.

No, you can’t exactly shout “Fire!” for no reason in a crowded movie theater. And many social events may be cause for discretion. But the words that we utter shouldn’t be taken for granted.

These words we speak of is what makes America a land where any one or the other person can talk badly about politicians. And it’s what allows us to innovate and bring up new ideas in the right environment.

However, words also have their limitations. It’s hard to explain one position thru words and fix it just like that for all of eternity. Actually, it’s kind of not possible.

Because positions can change. Ideals can change. People can change. We all can change with the times. So, setting yourself up to or holding yourself up to the ideal of words can be a burden too.

We should see the expression of words as merely an art form. Something to enjoy. To appreciate. To have fun with it. But don’t take words too seriously.

They can change just like that - depending on the people, the circumstance, the environment, and the timing. And that’s okay. It’s quite normal. Positions and rules are meant to be broken.

A politician that was Democratic ten years ago can easily switch to Republican this day in 2020. Someone who was pro-life decades ago, could possibly switch to pro-choice.

Someone whom is passionate and devoted their life to the fight against climate change could easily abandon that fight given personal circumstances.

The words they utter ten years ago about a certain position, may not be the same words they utter in the present day.

I can’t say that I am the same person now as I was ten years ago or twenty years ago. Heck, I was still in high school twenty years back. I wore baggy jeans and listened to Eminem. Those were the days.

But people change and that’s something that we should all agree on. Change is okay. Change is beautiful.

If the words of someone from years ago don’t match up with what they believe in now, does that make them a hypocrite? Does that make them now a “bad” guy?

I don’t think we should judge them that harshly. As change is the only certainty of life.

So words are just that. A means to define a certain idea, a certain position, a certain experience. Because in that moment, maybe what we do need is a means to define. Something to hold onto.

But when times change, there is no need to hold onto that ideal or position. When the time comes, it’s absolutely okay to let go of it. There’s no need to define something for all of eternity.

So don’t get too attached to words. They are simply a means of expression. And expression is an art that changes from here to there (and back again).

The times will change. Positions will flow and ebb like the waves of the ocean. And words are kind of like grasping at the ever-moving waves that flow back and forth.

It’s endless, almost futile to define a wave as being in a certain position. So, sometimes, it’s okay to move beyond words. Move from description to the experience itself.

Experience everything for what it is. People like to express different experiences from their point of view. From their words. And often times, it comes with good intentions. To help others.

But, sometimes, you need to experience life your way. The words of others may not work for you. Other’s perceptions may be different from your own.

So, sometimes, there’s no need for words. You can just experience life the way it is, unfiltered by ideas and positions.

Words are just the cherry on top. They are the extra topping for what is already there. Words shouldn’t be the core nor the end-all be-all for everything.

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