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The Value In Everything

Every droplet. Every bee buzzing. Every bird chirping. Every sliver of light. Every little thing that we come across. We can see it for what it is.

Sometimes, we don’t really view things importantly. We kind of just go through the motions everyday thinking that some things are important and other things are kind of trivial.

So, we brush off the trivial things and only focus on what’s important. But, really, what is important and what is trivial?

Can we see the importance of everything? Every little thing that we do each day. Every breath we take. It’s not trivial. It’s all important to our well-being and the well-being of society.

If we can see how important everything is in the here and now, imagine how much more meaningful our world can be. How much more value we place in everything. And how much more excitement and enthusiasm we can see in every little thing that we do.

There is value in everything. Value in the near. Value in the far. Value in the big. Value in the small. Value is what we equate it to be. So, why not value everything as important to our well-being?

Won’t that make us feel much more purposeful and alive in what we do? From our every day work, to our daily errands, to our random conversations with family, friends, and strangers?

How much more alive can we get if we place meaning and importance to everything we do? It would make life so much more colorful and so much more fruitful.

It’s something that we should all strive for and should all practice everyday. Just think of every breath you take as perhaps the last breath you will ever take in your entire life.

Imagine how much more meaning you will place on each breath knowing that even your breaths are an impermanent nature of life. Imagine how you will carry yourself through the day if you see value in every big or little action you take.

Imagine how valuable your life and everyone else’s life truly is. Imagine the growth. Imagine the learning opportunities. Imagine how much more improved your life could be.

So, next time, we come across a trivial chore that we’d rather throw aside, just imagine the importance of that chore in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s say you were throwing out the garbage. Sure, it’s a mundane task that you need to do on a weekly basis. But, just imagine how your house would look like if you didn’t throw out the garbage on a daily basis.

Imagine how the streets would look like if the garbagemen didn’t come and pickup your garbage in their trucks. Imagine how much more efficient, clean, and safe your streets are now with the garbage truck coming over and doing their jobs.

So, taking out the garbage isn’t a mundane task at all. It’s a task that is very important to the well-being of society to keep society running. To keep clean streets. To keep clean houses. To make your living space that much more productive and that much more hygienic.

Taking out the garbage is no small task at all. It has grand consequences and should be viewed as a huge undertaking the likes of which we’ve never seen. Can you see the value in taking out garbage now?

It’s all interconnected. The little things can snowball into large ones. Sometimes, all it takes is one simple apology to set things right. One simple act of kindness to straighten out an entire week’s worth of living. Simplicity can lead to grand results. It all starts small and grows larger action-by-action.

So, value everything the way it should be. With grand importance. Your life matters. Every action that you take matters. Every little act of kindness that you give to your friends, family, and random strangers matters. It’s what makes the world go round.

These things can compound like nobody’s business. So, see the value in the intricate. See the value in the mundane. See the value in the exciting. See the value for what it’s worth. Because value can be placed on anything and everything that we see and do. It’s our nature to do what’s important.

And placing importance can lead to a healthier, more productive, and more purposeful lifestyle that leads to wellness for yourself and for the community as a whole.

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