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Under The Weather

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather recently. I’ve been active these last few weekends - going out with friends for dinner, watching movies, and feeling free since I am “fully” vaccinated.

But these past few days, I came down with an itchy throat and a runny nose. And it’s been a few days, but I do feel that I am slowly improving. That this cold is slowly getting better. The throat isn’t as itchy as it was before. And the runny nose has stopped - more or less.

But those few days under the weather has taught me a multitude of things. Sometimes, I don’t truly value the health that I have. I am in my 30’s and I am still relatively healthy. But when I’m healthy I don’t savor it as much. I don’t feel that blessed or miraculous or anything like that. I just go about my day doing my usual things.

It’s only when I feel sick when I yearn for doing the mundane things. Like going out to buy groceries. Or being able to get out of bed to simply do a full day of work. I don’t cherish the things I have until they are taken away from me. And my health is one particular example.

On that one day when I had an itchy throat, a puffy mouth, and a runny nose, I had a really hard time going to sleep. It took me literally two hours to fall asleep. I kept on tossing and turning, coughing left and right, and just feeling like a bit of a nuisance in general. I couldn’t focus on enjoying my sleep that I usually can.

And it just made me feel like something was missing. Now that I feel a little better, I can look back once those past two to three days with a sense of relief and a sense of gratitude in the here and now. I’m still not fully back to health, but there is a marked improvement.

And I think it’s important that we cherish what we have every single day. Especially our mental and physical health. It’s hard to cherish things that we have. We usually always push towards goals and achievements that we don’t yet have. It’s always looking into the future for something grander or more “fulfilling”.

But, many times, we just need to take a step back and investigate the here and now to see that we have a lot. We have so much that we can be grateful for. I never thought I would be grateful for not having a sore throat. But now I am! Every regular sip of water makes me feel ecstatic. That I’m not constantly thinking about the annoying itchiness in my throat.

Every clear breath of air makes me feel fulfilled. That I am not having a constantly runny or stuffy nose anymore. And every single task that I perform at my job makes me feel competent. That I am no longer bed ridden and unable to perform simple daily tasks.

So, getting sick (albeit only for a few days) has really opened my eyes about what is valuable in this world. And it’s important to note that our health is truly the most precious thing that we can ever hope for. Without it, how can we ever take care of the community? How can we ever take care of our families? How can we ever pursue our goals and passions?

So, health needs to come first. And getting sick has made me further appreciate the mundane aspects of life. The simple things. From drinking water. To breathing in fresh air. To getting a good peaceful night of sleep. All those things have true meaning. Brings some simple joys to life.

So, hopefully, going forward, I am more careful with my body, and I don’t come down with another itchy throat or runny nose again. Because it makes me homebound. And it makes me unable to do some of the things that I normally can do. But, getting sick has given me a new outlook on life. Appreciating the more mundane aspects of life just a little bit more.

It makes me realize that my overall health and well-being is a huge priority. And that I should not neglect myself in the service of the community. It’s all about balance. Because how can you possibly serve the community if you don’t take care of yourself first and foremost? So, eat healthy. Exercise. Get sufficient rest. Surround yourself with positive people. And don’t overthink the inevitable burdens of life. Practice gratitude and realize that nobody lives the ideal perfect life.

Be okay with being okay. Be okay with who you are. Just practice the simple joys and be appreciative of where you are in this present moment. All we really do have is this moment in the here and now.

Honestly, this was the first time I’ve officially gotten “sick” in quite a long time. I can’t remember the last time I was under the weather. But it’s good that it was only an ordeal for a couple of days. It could always be much worse, and thankfully it wasn’t. So, remember to take care of your bodies. Take care of your health. And don’t wait to appreciate things only when they’re taken away from you. Appreciate what you have as much as possible. Even the simple things. Even the “boring” things. Even the mundane everyday interactions.

Every moment is an absolute gift.

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