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Winners by Default

Everyone dreams of being at the top. Making something out of themselves. Of finally winning despite the odds. Despite all the hate and challenges around them.

That’s why there are so many self-help books available online and in bookstores (or at least the ones that are left). Everyone wants to learn and to grow. And that’s definitely not a bad thing.

There’s nothing wrong with achieving goals or wanting to “make it” in life. It’s just that everyone’s version of the “top” is different.

Is there a standardized version of the “top” for everyone? Kind of like those standardized tests to get into college?

Everyone is trying to make it that they don’t realize that we are all winners already. The fact that we are alive makes us winners by default.

Think of the billions (arbitrary number) of spermatozoa that we produce every day (I think?). Now think of the hundreds of thousands (needs to be fact-checked) of eggs that the female produces.

Now think of one in a billion spermatozoa successfully fertilizing that one in a hundred thousand egg. Imagine all the trial and tribulations that it took that one spermatozoa in your testicle to fight off millions of other potential competitors for that one (in a hundred thousand) egg.

Now imagine that fertilized egg growing in the womb of the mother for 9 months and creating all the genetic foundation that eventually becomes this thing called you.

Imagine how tough that must’ve been! Imagine the odds! How can we all not be winners already? To be alive in this world is a miracle in itself.

There’s no need to make it. To achieve big dreams. To attain goal after goal after endless goal. Trying to establish yourself as a success.

The fact that you were born and made it out alive into this world already makes you one of the 7 to 8 billion winners currently in this world. That’s what makes life so miraculous.

I remembered watching the Miracle of Life back in high school. It’s the pre-requisite documentary that every high schooler was required to watch back in Stuyvesant.

Basically, that was the first time I ever saw someone giving birth. It was quite traumatizing and disgusting back then. But now that I think of it, that is a true miracle.

To be alive. It is a miracle. Everyone of us is a miracle. And we should be thankful of that miraculous process of giving birth that allowed us to come into this world.

I know this is kind of a sensitive post to say the least. But still, wow! The fact that I am able to be alive in this world. The fact that I am able to live and breathe and experience life however I want to experience it.

All this is a miracle come true. We spend all our days and lives dreaming of a time when we’ll make it in life. We don’t realize that being born in itself is already a success. We are all winners because of that!

Everything else is simply icing on the cake. The fact that we are able to see. To be able to hear. To taste. To touch. To smell. To think. To envision the future. To remember the past.

Every faculty of the human body is amazing. Whatever your culture. Whatever your religion. Whatever your beliefs - we are all human beings. And being a human in this world is in itself a miraculous success.

We are winners by default in this game of life. We have already theoretically reached the mountaintop by simply being born.

Some of you may find this post strange. Others may find it hilarious. Either way, the simple fact that we are all alive should not be taken for granted. Now it’s up to us to make the best use of this life.

Live your life. Enjoy it. Have fun. Help others. Show compassion to your family, friends, and community. Be grateful of this life that you are given.

That you were that one spermatozoa from your dad that beat out the billions of other spermatozoa to finally fertilize that egg from your mom. That already makes you a winner. No joke!

So congratulations on making it in life. Congratulations on being special. Congrats on being a winner. You are already a success in your own right.

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