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You Just Never Know

Recently, there have been some publicized deaths on my Facebook feed of acquaintances in my network.

There was a fellow Toastmaster member, who deeply served the community and was actually one of the main leaders of our New York City District a few years back. There was another fellow MBA classmate who was very sociable, affable, and well-liked amongst our MBA circles. And then, there was a former tour guide, who took me and my friend on an unforgettable trip thru Ulan Bator, Mongolia around a decade ago.

These deaths all happened within a span of one month. All were relatively young. And it all happened rather suddenly. I didn’t really delve too deeply on the reason for their deaths. I guess that’s not the point. It really is a tragedy that the world took them away from us prematurely.

That’s life sometimes, I suppose. It can be a cruel twist of fate at times. And sometimes, you just never know when your time will come. It’s important to realize that we are fragile creatures with our own flaws and vulnerabilities. And none of us are superheroes. One day, our time will come as well.

But I look at these three people that left this world early. And I think back upon them with fondness and sincerity. Even though I’m not particularly close with any of them, I’m grateful that they each touched my heart in positive ways. And they each left an indelible and memorable mark on this beautiful society.

Whenever my time comes, I hope that someday people can look back at me with decency. And I hope to have similarly left a positive impact on the lives of those people who will continue to roam this Earth. But hopefully, knock on wood, that time will not come anytime soon. Ideally, I would like to live healthily past the ripe old age of 100. But that’s the ideal. You just never know.

So, for now, all I can do is enjoy my brief time here on Earth. Strive towards causes that I find to be meaningful. Invest in my family and friends. And give a little bit back to this community which has given so much to me over the course of my 30 something years of existence.

I look back at the people I know whom passed away over these past few years. And I look back at them with fondness. They all left an impact on my life. And for that, I am grateful.

You just never know when your time will come. Not every day is a guarantee. We just need to appreciate the here and now. Hold our friends and family close. And keep life as simple and as uncomplicated as possible.

I think back to those three lives lost and the lives that they each touched. And they were numerous. The tour guide was an entrepreneur. A business savant. Someone who was willing to give back to the community that birthed him. Someone who fought for honorable social causes.

My MBA classmate was gregarious and affable and just fun to be around with. He would laugh heartily at the smallest things and had a generous kind of humor.

My Toastmaster colleague was a true leader and a gentleman. Even though I didn’t know him well personally, I did get a sense of kindness and empathy from the brief moments that I did interact with him over these years.

And my former tour guide was very open and kind. He was easy to get along with, and he had an infectious type of passion in everything that he did that it can’t help but rub off on you.

They will all be remembered fondly in my heart and mind. And again, it just shows that the world does not revolve around any one person. It can be quite indiscriminate in its blessings and its sufferings. It really is a humbling feeling.

You just never know. It gives me a greater sense of appreciation for my body and mind. For thus far, still being sound mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I won’t take this for granted. I will continue to help others when needed. I will continue to enjoy the job I’ve been given. I will continue to give back thru my talents and my passions. I will continue to be a good friend to those around me. I will continue to enjoy the mundane things in life.

Because, at the end of the day, I don’t know when my time will come. I don’t know if tomorrow is guaranteed. All I can do is live the best possible life I can possibly live and let the chips fall where they may. And some day, when my time comes, I hope to have left a positive impact towards as many lives as possible. But that’s for the historians to decide.

As for those that came and left this world before my time has come, I thank you for leaving an impact on my life and I thank you for the wonderful memories shared.

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