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Zero Sum

I think at a young age we are bred to compete. To fight for what is ours. And to hopefully win at all costs. Back in elementary school, we had gym class and we would sometimes race in our scooters to see which team was the fastest. There would be only one winner. And that is that.

I guess many games in business are like that too. Sometimes, you can only gain more business by stealing your competitor’s customers. There is no win-win. It is either I win or you lose. It is zero sum.

I think many people are kind of trapped in this mindset where they believe that your gain is my loss. And sometimes, it can lead to some unhealthy habits. Like lying, cheating, and stealing.

The best way forward is to find ways to hopefully expand the economic pie, so that everyone is a winner. Everyone is satisfied and content with where they are. So, it’s important to figure out just exactly how to do that.

I’m not an economist, so I don’t have all the answers. I guess it just falls upon us to innovate and find new lanes of development so that there are more opportunities down the road for people to go to work and do their jobs.

Life shouldn’t be zero sum. It is most beautiful when we are working together in harmony to figure out ways to innovate and expand opportunities. Capitalism is a double-edged sword. And if used correctly, it can certainly lead to job creation and greater satisfaction amongst the workforces.

Who would’ve thought a century ago that we would have the Internet, or social media, or virtual reality? That is innovation and economic creation at its finest. And who knows in another one hundred years what type of new and exciting jobs will come down the pipeline. It’s hard to predict and forecast.

Life is not like football or basketball, where there is a clear cut winner or loser. Those games are fine and dandy. It’s just that more games should try to create and innovate. To expand opportunities and to find winners out of everyone.

I was watching the movie, Soul, a few weeks ago. And it shows the beauty in the mundane of life. Beauty in simply eating a slice of pizza. In riding the subway. In watching a piece of leaf fall from the sky. There is beauty and wonder in everything that we experience.

So, if we can tap into that type of beauty and wonder, we will be able to find opportunities that bring us joy in no time. We will find a spark and a purpose beyond simply ourselves. And it will be amazing.

If we can tap into this type of innate state, life will not be a zero sum game, where there is a winner only if there is a loser. It will be win-win for everyone because there is something out there in this world that can resonate with anyone.

It’s important to figure out what moves you. What speaks to you. And you will be able to both provide value and receive value from the experience. Thus, it will further your development and you will find that life can bring wins and joy in every single thing there is.

So, in order to tap into those situations where everyone is a winner, find out the things in this life that bring you some joy and passion. Perspective is key as well. Because you can find contentment and happiness by simply taking on the right mindset in life.

Continue to trade. Continue to innovate. Continue to find ways to provide value to this beautiful society and to find the sweet spot where everyone comes out of it feeling good and joyful. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done. But it’s possible.

Try to find out what speaks to you. Even if it’s just a leaf falling from the sky. Or a gentle sip of morning coffee. Or taking a 10-minute stroll out in the neighborhood. There is plenty of resonance in this world, and it’s up to us to adopt that mindset and figure out the best way to bring that into this life.

Everyone can be a winner. Life doesn’t have to be a rat race, where you climb the corporate ladder at the expense of a fellow colleague. Or your team wins a basketball game at the expense of the other team. It doesn’t have to be zero sum. You just need to dig a little deeper to find ways to bring value to all there is in this world.

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