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All Walks Of Life

There’s that popular saying adults say to their children about “how back in my day”, then insert something rough and tumble that happened back then.  One generation always seems to subtly chastise the next generation for not being as hard working or simply not as good as they were.  People seem to like to put their own beliefs or ideals on a pedestal.

Whether it be political beliefs, religious beliefs, personality traits, or what not, we tend to lionize certain beliefs and we tend to diminish others.  As if someone else’s culture or traits or ambitions are not as good as our own. 

But the older I get, the more I start to feel like there is a need for people from all walks of life.  Of all shapes and sizes.  How boring would the world be if we were all just to be consumed by one singular belief?  If we agreed on everything there is to agree upon in this world?

There would be no fun.  No spice.  No diversity.  And more importantly, the world would not progress forward the same way it has progressed miraculously over these years and centuries. 

Yes, we need people from all types of countries.  All types of religions.  All types of personalities.  All types of creeds and strengths.  Because that way, one person can support another person’s shortcomings.  No one is better than anyone else. 

Yes, per say, someone may be better than you in let’s say computer programming.  But you may be better than them in writing skills.  Someone may be better than you at playing basketball.  But you may be better than him or her at tennis.  The comparison game is an endless loop that never ends.  And everyone has their own unique set of values that they can bring to the table. 

People simply need each other.  No one can walk alone in this life.  And one man’s strength can be another man’s weakness.  And that’s the way it should be.

How on Earth will anybody grow or learn new things if people are all homogenous across the entire spectrum of spectrums?   We would just basically flatline as a human race and there would be no progress from any type of divergent thinking.  The beauty of diversity has given us incredible medical advances, technological innovation, and growth in philosophy and art. 

Yes, we all know that divergence and diversity have its risks as well.  One can simply go look at the wars that are being fought at this moment to get a sense of how diversity and different thinking can lead to catastrophic results – the worst-case scenario. 

But, nevertheless, that is a risk that we must take.  We need to fight and think differently.  We need to believe in causes that progress society.  And yes, sometimes, one group’s cause is completely different from another group’s, with each group thinking that they are fighting for the right side. 

Unfortunately, that’s just a pitfall of divergent thinking.  Even with that said, I would say that difference is a good thing and people need to continue to think differently, but also very importantly respect that difference in a humanistic way.  Respect and diversity don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I saw a funny Mark Manson video in which he rates the world’s philosophies on an A to F scale and thankfully his beliefs are very similar to mine.  However, there’s a reason why I like watching his videos so much.  I guess many people go about their life subtly rating things like that.  Not just philosophies, but all types of creeds and functionalities. 

In the dating game, people would rate superficial qualities like looks, height, and money.  In the friendship game, people would rate by qualities like charm, charisma, and other similarity in traits.  The ratings game never ends wherever we go. 

Alas, that is the physical life that we live today.  Ratings are inevitable.  And one would argue that you need to do that to sufficiently sustain yourself in this world.  Because how would we know what decisions to make if we didn’t know what we preferred in life? 

It’s just that a balance needs to be made where we realize that difference comes in all stripes and sizes and that we need this to advance ourselves in the beautiful areas of life.  Whether that be in art, architecture, artificial intelligence, or sports.  I’m just listing random categories but difference across the entire spectrum is key towards a meaningful and holistic way of life, for whatever group or tribe you consider yourself to be in.

They say that New York City is a melting pot.  But the world is the ultimate melting pot.  The ultimate playground for human progress, simply because there are disagreements and differences and people who are willing to share their personal opinion on how the world is and should be – me included. 

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