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Simple Joys

The pandemic has been rough on many people. Millions of Americans filing for unemployment. The USA coming around 200,000 deaths within the country. It’s been quite a horrific sight to behold.

This disease has prevented us from traveling, from seeing friends and family members, and from in general being around groups of people. A lot of the pleasures in life have been taken away from us all this year. And it’s understandable to feel in pain, suffering, or downright angry.

Personally, I’ve been forced to downsize my happiness and entertainment as a means to gain some general steadiness in life. I’ve been forced to appreciate the mundane and find some of the simpler pleasures of life.

Every little thing. Every simple experience. I realize that I can find some joy in the here and the now. Every activity I do. No matter how trivial, can be a source of bliss and joy.

From simple conversations with friends and family. To simple activities like watching a TV game online. Every little thing helps. And that’s been kind of a silver lining of this pandemic.

It’s forced to adjust our lens into what we deem to be fun, appropriate, and entertaining. What once brought us joy is no longer allowed. Travel to many countries across the world have been banned for fear of coronavirus infections from travelers coming from the USA.

Outdoor dining has its risks and tribulations attached to it. And large gatherings have been banned on all fronts. Plus, we now need to wear masks wherever we go to stem the tide of this outbreak.

Such is the life and the world that we live in today. And there is no guaranteed date on when it will end. So, it’s time to find more simple joys that can bring us bliss. Things that we do every day that can help bring us a little bit of relief from the everyday turmoil this pandemic has caused.

It’s actually not that hard. Just think about it a little. There are so many things that we can be grateful for in this world. And we can appreciate everything that we do for what it is.

From taking a simple walk outside. Going supermarket shopping with your family. Watching Netflix at home. Or cooking a small, scrumptious meal to share with your loved ones. There are so many simple joys that can still bring us happiness and meaning.

There are still a wealth of activities that we can take part of to appreciate life as a whole. It’s an endless source of abundance. From breathing the air. Taking a walk. Having a nice conversation. Joining a Zoom call with friends. Joy in life is still present and never-ending.

It is still there for us to grasp. So, don’t worry if we can’t go outside as much as we want. Don’t worry if we can’t take huge trips to exotic locations like the Caribbean or to Europe. It’s okay if we don’t have that huge house in the Hamptons. Or that second home off the French Riviera. It’s okay. No worries if you don’t have your life “together”.

Chances are, nobody has their act completely together. Just breathe. Take in your surroundings wherever you are. Enjoy the little things that life can still give here and there. Enjoy the cup of morning coffee. The breeze outside your living room window. The people that are still here in your life.

Simple joys are not hard to come by. They are everywhere. And appreciating them as they come and go can go a long way towards helping relieve some of the pain and suffering caused by this pandemic.

It’s not everything, but it can help each and every way. So, everyday when you wake up, just think about the people, places, and things that give you simple joys. It could be your neighbor, your friend, your family. Or receiving something in the mail that you’ve waited for a long time to get.

There are a lot of things out there that you can look forward to. Regardless of the coronavirus or not. Just take some time out to appreciate everything for what it is, and then the simple joyful nature that we all deserve will come and follow.

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