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For humans only.  For peace of mind.


Happiness Under Duress

When we come under stress, that is the perfect moment to remind ourselves to practice and be grateful.

Silver Lining

Even through challenges. You can see the sun shining thru the clouds.

Suck It Up

Sometimes, periods of struggle can liven you up and make you a tougher person in life.

Taking The High Road

I will try to embrace everything with open arms. Because the challenges that come can help shape me into a better individual.

Law Of Averages

There’s something comforting about being ordinary. About being simply another guy. About doing just enough to get by.

Full Of Maybes

There are billions and billions of unique perspectives on the world today.

Safety Net

I have so many people in my life that have contributed towards my well-being both directly and indirectly that I am truly humbled.

Work Smart

There didn’t seem to be a standard on how to measure winning or losing. You would make up your own standard and your own game to play.

Work Hard

At least I gave it my all even during times of distress. I took risks. I failed many times. And I am better off for it.

Try Your Best

It gave me the inspiration to provide value to as many people as possible. To contribute in every little way that I can.

Retirement Home

I hope that I can see old age as a gift. A time to reflect on my legacy. However big or small it is.

Stream of Consciousness

It’s good that I take in everyday like it’s my last. Like tomorrow is not guaranteed.

On Top Of The World

One day you’re at the top, the next day you’re at the bottom competing for scraps. Don’t get too up nor too down about your current status.


You need to take the advice for what it is. Simply as advice. A suggestion. Not a rulebook.

Going Thru Phases

A true human being will learn to roll with the punches and appreciate everything (“good” or “bad”) that life has to offer.


What we consume in this life is very important, shapes our identities, and makes us become who we are today.

All The Money In The World

When you don’t have something, all you can think about is that one thing that you don’t have.

Invest Wisely

Money is simply paper. It’s not meant to produce lasting happiness or contentment. That comes from within.

Take A Look

We live in the most advanced stage of life there is to behold. Yet, many of us are not content.

Mount Rushmore

The requests they make may seem inconsequential to us. But, it means the world to them.


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