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For humans only.  For peace of mind.

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Enough Is Enough

Humans are tremendously good and tremendously flawed. And it's easy to demonize the other side as bad apples.

End Credits

Please embrace the process and the journey, not just the destination at the finish line. 

An Absolute Gift

Our ability to simply function normally in everyday life is already a beautiful gift. 

Keystone Habits

Utilize whatever advantage you may have and deploy your limited resource wisely to create a better world.

Pick And Choose

Who has time for existential problems, when you need to take care of your health, bring the kids to school, and pay your electric bill?


I do have agency to sustain my boundaries and do what I feel to be most comfortable.

Let It Marinate

Do your best to let your thoughts and ideas marinate for a little bit, before rushing to conclusions.

The Bare Minimum

Please, take it easy on yourself and realize that you are doing the best you can.


In the grand scheme of things, what really is the big deal if someone yawns or not? 


Learn to weather the inevitable storms on the horizon and accept that nothing will ever be as clean and pristine as you hope it to be.

Cookie Cutter

Life can be meandering at times. Progress forward for some is not simply a straight line shooting towards the moon.

Don't Tell Them

Let those young ones be full of bliss and ignorant. Let them figure it out for themselves.


If you could just help one person in this world each day every day, then you've already done enough.

All Hype

At the end of the day, external possessions can only move the needle so far.

Trust In The System

We trust because we must. There simply is no other choice. Because everyone’s lives are so dependent on others.


I am just one of billions of people on this planet trying to make a name for himself and trying his best to find fulfillment.

Not There Yet

I have a long way to go and there is still much to improve upon. But that is the beauty of life as well.


For many people in this world, they are still simply worried about having enough food on the table for the next day.

High And Mighty

We assume that because they are rich and famous, that they are simply good at life. That they are good at everything there is to do.

Point To The Moon

At the end of the day, only they can walk their own paths. I can’t be fully responsible for whatever lies ahead for them.

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