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For humans only.  For peace of mind.

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Crystal Ball

The unpredictability that comes with not knowing can actually provide a lot of clarity in our lives.

Google It Up

I am simply amazed at how asking one single question can yield thousands upon thousands of answers.

Lonely Planet

It is better that we share our burdens together. Everyone depends on others. Nobody goes at it alone.

Rocket Science

You already have what it takes in the here and now to live a relatively happy, secure, and joyful life.

Mutually Exclusive

I don’t believe that contentment for the present moment will hinder our ambitions to strive for bigger and better things.


Experts are not the end all be all. Sometimes, it takes a set of novice eyes to provide an enlightening perspective on the matter.

Two To Tango

The best time for practice comes when conditions are less than ideal. When you feel some form of discomfort.

Relative Obscurity

Most of us are relatively unknown to the world. But we still have the power to work our own magic as well.

Sand Castles

When you lose something, you start out with a clean slate. Another opportunity to build something beautiful and meaningful.

There's Always Something

There will always be some flaw out there that can be improved upon. After all, one problem leads to another.

The Search

It’s important to find that fine balance between striving for more and finding contentment in the here and now.

Devil's Advocate

Oftentimes, we perceive certain events to be either good or bad. But there are lots of hidden layers to a circumstance.


Life is fickle. Opinions are fickle. And people can change for better or worse, simply depending on perception.

Cold Call

We can’t control everything. And most things in life will not go our way, no matter how hard we try.

Green Pastures

Living a life of fulfillment is not rocket science. We don’t need to go and chase a faraway distant fantasy.

Back To Basics

It is impossible to be the exact same person day in and day out. Because it really depends on the context.

Work In Progress

Everyone is an unfinished story. Everyone has something left to learn, even the experts.

It Depends

People change. Ideals change. And advice will change through the years.


I didn’t try to disparage nor insult his beliefs. I didn’t try to impose my opinion on him. I simply listened to his perspective.

Hands Dirty

Everyone in some form or fashion needs moments when they simply need to put their head down and get to work.

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