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For humans only.  For peace of mind.


If Only

This phrase can catch us in the most dreadful moments, and prevent us from cherishing what we already have in the here and now.

I Choose

We can't control a lot. But, we can control our perspective. We can control our actions.

Make Or Break

They take things too seriously. As if the moment will define them for all eternity.

Chasing A Feeling

Sometimes, I wish that I could feel that type of bliss in the present moment. That I can somehow hold onto that feeling forever.

Hold The Fort

We spend our time worrying about the future. And then when that time comes, we realize that it’s not as scary as we thought.

In Search Of Inspiration

There is so much wonder in this world that can inspire us to take action and work for a better future.

Standard Of Living

Sometimes, we are too spoiled with riches. Too enamored with getting more comfort and more wealth.

Manufactured Worry

Human beings mainly suffer from two of their greatest faculties: their memory and their imagination.

Beauty in Vulnerability

It is a beautiful silver lining that we should all cherish. It gives us compassion, empathy, and sensitivity for the common man and woman.

A Million Dollar Question

Are there any externalities out there that can help guide us towards a lifetime of satisfaction and ease?

Life as a Fan

A game is a game. It could go your way. And many times, quite frankly, it will not.

Ways To Help

You don’t necessarily have to just donate money. You can donate your time, energy, and resources to the community. Every little counts.

Cold Hard Numbers

The numbers provide a snapshot. But, in life, snapshots should not be the only thing to use and base your most important decisions on.

Feeling Good

I’d argue that most of the things in life should be done for the sake of doing it. Not for the sake of feeling good.

Love My Life

I’m not a giant. I’m not a superstar. I’m not a superhero. I just enjoy my life because it is simply made for enjoyment.

The Desire For More

The desire for more, if used well, can lead to positive change. And can have a lasting impact of service and helpfulness.

Never Alone

You can take credit for it as much as you want. But, whether you like it or not, it’s a total team effort from the top to the bottom.

Bounce Back

Life is never going to be perfect. There will always be challenges and pushback that make us want to cringe and adapt.

Confidence Trap

Uncertainty can help us all grow more open in our perspective.

In The Middle

Perspective is in the eye of the beholder. At the end of the day, you control what you want to think and nobody else.


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