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For humans only.  For peace of mind.


To Lose Something

These days, when I need an injection of inspiration - I harken back to those good old days of struggle.

Adventure of a Lifetime

The adventure these days is in real life. In buying groceries. In taking out the trash. In being a serviceable adult.

Lessons Learned

As an individual of a larger part of society, we must all put in our efforts to make the world a more livable place.

War and Peace

I’m not exactly in the middle of a civil war-torn nation. I am well-fed. And for that I am grateful.


You can gain a lot of insight and perspective by simply sitting with yourself and thinking through your own life and circumstance.

Red (White) and Blue

Why we can’t just be more open-minded? Be a little more empathetic to see the other side’s point of view.

Season Of Giving

This season is another opportunity for us to be grateful and at ease with where we are in this beautiful world.

7 Out Of 10

We usually tend to go on chasing more things in hopes of becoming happier and more “well off”.

Take It Easy

Just take it easy. Live life with less burden on your shoulders. Enjoy the here and now.

Out Of Place

Life will always throw you curveballs here and there for you to deal with. Nothing will be “in place” forever.


These mundane chores are so important, yet I took them for granted for most of my life.


And that’s what life should be. A process that comes and goes. One to cherish and appreciate for all time.

My Strength

My strengths can come and go like the tidal waves. I can be strong in a certain setting and weak in another setting.

Every Breath You Take

Think about how easy it is for you to breath in this moment. To inhale and exhale as if nothing were happening.

The Value In Everything

If we can see how important everything is in the here and now, imagine how much more meaningful our world can be.

Eternally Grateful

When we appreciate what life has to offer, we feel fuller with what we have. And there is no need to reach for the heavens.

Endless Opportunity

Every time I do something that is out of my comfort zone, I try to see the opportunity of the experience rather than the risk.

Simple Joys

Chances are, nobody has their act completely together. Just breathe. Take in your surroundings wherever you are.

Life Is Good

Happiness can be found right in the here and now. All it takes is a little bit of perspective and the right mindset.

Blind Spot

The full picture is unattainable. We can only see so much in our limited time in this world.


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